Hello and welcome to the proofing page! Your gallery has all sorts of fun options to help you easily obtain a copy of an image and share them with your friends and family. Please see below for an explanation of a few of these goodies and as always i'm available should you need any additional assistance.
Sharing an image:
- Just below and to the left of the larger image you will see a share icon.
- Choose the method of sharing you would like.
Liking an Image:
- Just below and to the right of the larger image you will see a thumbs up icon.
- Please feel free to like the images that are your favorite.
Commenting on an image:
- Just below the large selected image you will see a comment box.
- Please feel free to leave your reactions, questions, edits ideas or anything else you would like. All the comments come directly to me.
- For those that have chosen a package with an album this is a great way to provide me with the images you would like in the book.